Warmane Wotlk server!

Warmane Wotlk server!


Ahh Warmane! One of the best Wotlk server. Server is just SOOO HUUUUGE that you have to wait in que to get in! (Maximum player limit is 12000!) and que is almost 4k more! But no worries! You can donate just few bucks to get "premium" status and you don't have to worry about ques anymore! I have played this server myself so i know what i am talking almost every quest works flawless and if they don't (i have met just like 5 bugged quest while i level up. and even if they were "bugged" actually just some NPC have been on wrong location so no problem!) Of course i also have created Dark Knight Wow and i can say that whole Warmane DK quest line is just fucked up. Its possible to do it but ohh boy its really bugged and you have to search help in forums. Besides that server looks amazing almost zero wotlk server crash. Active battleground and you NEVER EVER feel alone in this server! Every time i level up my new char (Rogue after that i tried to play as Mage) and i can say in every wow zone i manage to find a new friend and we did quests and warmane dungeons together! Fast and really fun!
So if you enjoy medium rate server you definitely have to try Warmane wow server!
Warmane have Few servers for these patches:


Outland x5 Players on peak: ~3000


Lordaeron X1 Players on Peak: ~7000
Icecrown X7 Players on Peak: ~12000 + ~2000 in Que
Blackrock Players on Peak: ~1000


Frostwolf X7 Players on Peak: ~400

So if you enjoy Wotlk servers i would strongly recommend you to use Icecrown x7 its most popular but most polished server of course if you decide to play on peak hours you have to wait in huge Que or pay few bucks (like 5 or 10) and you will get PERMANENT premium status and don't have to wait in que anymore!

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