Top 10 Minecraft buildings of July

Hello everyone!

Today i would like to present my own Top 10 MC Buildings and Amazing minecraft houses in July!

I will let you decide this July MC buildings Winner!


Lets start with this "simple" but cool design for a statue made in minecraft survival server.

Top Minecraft buildings 2019

Lets meet warm minecraft forest cabin:

MC top buildings


Amazing Minecraft tower as the creator of this MC tower said: "Got inspired and made this"

Minecraft tower

Simple but good looking mc house with balcony.

Really impressive looking minecraft floating modern house.

MC floating modern house

Another warm looking cabin. Simple but really good looking minecraft house!

Just impressive Castle in minecraft! PS. It was built in one of our listed Minecraft servers!

Castle in minecraft

Another warm looking house in forest.

House in minecraft forest

Impressive looking MC city!

Mc city building

 And last one picture of Top July MC buildings is this Pirate themed MC World!

pirate minecraft


This was last from me! Did you like any of these? Share it with your friends!

Maybe you get inspired in minecraft building ideas?

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Happy gaming and good luck!



Posted By: Your Gaming Dude

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