Tibiafun - Polish tibia server!

Tibiafun - Polish tibia server!


The server is going to launch on 03.03.2018 17:00(CEST/GMT+2)

I'm pleased to announce the revival of TibiaFun!
An oldschool server focused on bringing its players the pure experience of TibiaFun.

The goal of our server is to allow the players to relive the times of TibiaFun2, which is widely considered to be the best version of oldschool Tibia. The files on which the server runs are the same files Becks used to run TibiaFun2 back in 2009/2010. The files were already nearly perfect and we've made sure that all of the few remaining flaws were fixed. We can confidently say that the server is now a replica of TibiaFun3!

All points from tibiafun.online will be cast.

Server information
Website: tibiafun3.net
E-mail: support@tibiafun.online

Exp stages:
1-200 - 12
201-399 - 10
400-499 - 8
500-599 - 7
600-699 - 6
700-750 - 3
751-799 - 2
800 - 1
Loot rate x1
Skill rate x10
Magic level rate x5

If you have any questions regarding the server, ask them on our website's forum.

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Server startThursday, June-20-2019

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