[TFC-WoW] The Forgotten Crusade (3.3.5)

[TFC-WoW] The Forgotten Crusade (3.3.5)


TheForgottenCrusade makes use of all aspects of the game that make it what it is: Ranging from fast-paced custom leveling to blizzlike as well as custom PvE, PvP, RP features, new armor and weapon models never seen before, custom BGs, world bosses and so on with a detailed storyline following throughout.
Note: Max level is 80 with regulated gear sets.

Kindly follow the link below to be a part of the beta-release and to keep up with the latest news & updates:
[url=https://discord.gg/Qh6d6gD]The Forgotten Crusade[/url]

Thanks for reading through,
Hope to see you on the planes of Azeroth, Crusader!


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