Steam Summer Sale 2019


I hope you have some saved money because its STEAM SUMMER SALE until July 7th 10AM PDT/1PM EDT!

So prepare your wallets and buy out your games from wishlist!

If you don't have wishlist or just looking some new ideas for games check out this game list!

Game List & Prices:

Steam Summer sale 2019 Just Couse 3

sims 3 summer sale yourgamingdude

Nio completet steam summer sale

steam sale yourgaming dude

dying light summer sale

There is tons of Indie type games (like terraria) and almost every game have atleast 30% sometimes even -90% discount so take your chance to grab one!

Also there TONS of games around steam but its hard to find it so i am asking you guys to suggest game in comments if i missed it!

lord gaben save our soul!

Feel free to share this Game list with your gaming buddy. Good luck and happy gaming!

Posted By: Your Gaming Dude

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