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Sapphiron WoW - Wrath of the Lich King

Sapphiron WoW - Wrath of the Lich King



We are a new uprising team which gives their best to satisfy the people.
On us you will have the possibility of 2 different realms! =)

We got our modded realm which is called Dragonblight and we also got our plain unmodded pure blizzlikeness realm Kel'Thuzad.

On both there is happening on a weekly period an update of the core files.
We are looking also to provide fast fixes/tempfixes to improve the gameplay!
At us you won't find any pay2win... it just is play2win! =)

Infos about the Realms:

Kel'thuzad - blizzlike realm:
3x experience rate
1x profession rate
2x reputation rate
2x gold rate

Dragonblight - modded realm:
1-5x experience rate
2x profession rate
3x reputation gain
4x low level reputation gain
3x gold rate
2x droprate
Individual XP (atm deactivated due to some critical errors)
Congrats on specific levelups
Firework on specific levelups
X-Faction worldchat
X-Faction grouping/trading
Autobalance for dungeons + SoloLFG (This features provides the possability to go solo into dungeons when not having a group... e.g. late at night)
1v1 Arena
Planned features:
All races all classes, m+/challenge mode, custom worldbosses, guild housing, items from cataclysm and above, better reward system for pvp, new bg map

Infos about the Hosting machine which is located in Germany:
AMD EPYC 7702p @ 4 cores
16gb DDR4
0,7Gbit/s downlink
1,5Gbit/s uplink
3Tbit/s Cloud DDoS filtering

For more infos visit our [URL=""]Discord server[/URL] or write us an [EMAIL=""]email[/EMAIL].
If u want to connect to our server fast, just [URL=""]click here[/URL].

Server startMonday, February-07-2022
Discord server

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Submitted by Sapphiron on Feb-05-2022
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