OSRS server RivalPS

OSRS server RivalPS


OSRS Custom items & stats that differ from other rsps's
No broken customs or nulls
Normal/Hardcore/Ironman modes
Automatic voting/donating
Not P2W
Donator perks & Custom donations
Well of Goodwill
Player owned Shops
Fullscreen/Resizable/Fixed client
Custom Home & Shops
Custom Teleport Interface
Custom Gambling System&Interface
Custom Tasks & Achievements with rewards
Custom Healing / Extra Damage set effects
Custom Quest System for skilling
You love skilling? It's profitable!
Drop Rate boosting items & Ranks
Custom Pets with perks!
Custom Melee/Range/Magic NPC's
Custom Bosses
Group Slayer - Slay with a team of 10 people!
All damage dealers get a drop!
Superior Slayer monsters + 5 Custom Slayer Masters
Expeditious Amulet & Amulet of Slaughter
New & Custom Minigames
Skilling/Prestige/PvM/Imbue Points
Item Imbuing
Mystery Box interface + Quick open
Monthly TOP 10
Weekly Polls
We have an active discord channel
The server has all staff spots open
Join us at www.rivalps.eu


Server startMonday, April-29-2019
Discord serverhttps://discord.gg/9UpRp4b

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Submitted by Archie on May-29-2019
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