Welcome to Regicide! We are a OSRS RSPS that serves you a variety of skills and tasks to choose from. If you have any questions regarding our server, feel free to contact one of our staff members either on Discord or type “::help” in-game and a staff member will get with you as quickly as possible. We hope you enjoy your time with our server! We also have 4 game modes, extreme Mode, and regular iron. Fully working raids, Vork, Guardians, Infernal-mini-game and so much more! Hydra is in the works, along with Tob! Also looking for Youtubers with 100-300+ subs will pay with in-game wealth. FREE DONOR RANK & 5 FREE M BOXES FOR THE FIRST 5 PEOPLE WHO JOIN! "Sour Patch" is the code to getting donor!


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Submitted by Regicidersps69 on Sep-23-2019
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