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MapleAttack[HDSCREEN][2x 2x 1x][CHALLENGING]


Welcome to Maple Attack
We are a low rate GMS-like server that offer our players a nostalgic experience before Big Bang.
Official website (

Challenging game play with a stable economy. Friendly staff and much more awaits.
We are constantly updating with improvements and bug fixes.
We are not a Pay To Win server, player can earn NX(Maple Points) by voting and by killing mobs in game.
Come join us to find out more and be part of our expending community.

•Released Regions: Temple of Time, Magatia, Mushroom Shrine, Showa, Neo City, Singapore, Malaysia, Mushroom Castle, Kerning Square, CrimsonWood Keep , Ulu Estate and more to come.

Note This not an easy server. If you are looking for a easy server here is not for you.


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Submitted by mapleattack on Jul-09-2019
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