LinkMania.Mu Season 15 x9999

LinkMania.Mu Season 15 x9999


New server for max style server fans will be opened at 26 June!
Even if your not fan of X9999 style server, you should join to explore new Season 15 Features!
Easy level up, easy item grinding, non-stop PVP! (NO PVP server will be opened as well)
Compleating events will give you Wcoins!

Version: Season 15
Experience Regular/Master/Majestic: X9999
Resets: 400 Level, Stats stay, PPL: 10, Max stats: 32000
Dron 80%

Reset from Account Panel on website: Reward 20 Credits
Grand reset: From 30 resets, reward 1000 Credits
Reset in game NO CREDITS !!!

Max Level Reward to all players: Gold Fenrir

Bosses: Mini boses/goldens spawns all maps ~100 bosses each hour!

Balanced PVP / PVM WITH All Class
Join the huge race, we are expecting at least 1000+ online in the first hour!

Kundun spawn at Devias 2
Starter Gift, Wings lvl 3,Full Buffs, Full Set, Divine Weapons, Pet Skeleton, Ring Skeleton, 500kk zen

A lot of fun settings will make this server exciting, join the game and check out!


Server startWednesday, June-26-2019
Discord server

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Submitted by Lorak on Jun-26-2020
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