Krator - Can you survive?

Krator - Can you survive?


Krator is an apocalyptic adventure server with a lot of unique content that will continuously challenge you as you progress through levels and new areas. Are you up for the challenge? Can you survive?_

Teleporter: The Teleporter takes you different areas of Krator, spread across based on difficulty.

Crates: Crates contain supplies and highly sought after equipment. If you plan on surviving, these are crucial. Crates content varies upon rarity. They are commonly attainable by all zombies!

Skin Colors: After you spend some time in the apocalyptic world, you may be able to snag a skin. Each skin has its own perk in the world!

69 Unique NPCS 54 monsters, 15 bosses! Many with custom attack styles and methods!

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Server startFriday, June-28-2019

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