Infernal Max Cape Main 2277 || 2089 TL Main (Crazy untradebles) [OMM] [500+ VOUCHES]]

Infernal Max Cape Main 2277 || 2089 TL Main (Crazy untradebles) [OMM] [500+ VOUCHES]]


Hello All,


DISCORD: Azie#5393
UNIQUE ID: 229972093838688257


1. At any time if you wish to sell the account you can only sell it to me otherwise I wont be responsible for anything. I will retain the registered email on the account at all times for my security and your security. This is better for you as if anything happens to the account such as an account lock, it will be fairly easy for me to fix this. I wont be providing any recovery information as this can threaten the account recovery/unlocking processes if several individuals have the account information.

2. If you do sell the account back to me I will purchase the account for 75% of the MARKET VALUE at the date of sale. So for example, if you bought the account for $500 and then 1 year later you wanted to sell it back to me... if the market value a year later is $750 I will pay you $562.50 (75% of $750). You can only sell the account to me and nobody else!

3. If the account you bought has an OO other than myself, I will offer 100% refund without any questions asked should I fail to recover the account for you. After 6 months I will not be responsible for anything as I hold all accounts for a very long time before making them available in the market. It would be pointless selling an account which isn't safe to sell as I would just have to refund.

If any customer wants to extend this warranty for life I will charge a one time fee of $200.
Life time warranty would mean a 100% refund no matter how long it's been.

OSRS Account 1 - Max Cape - 2277 TL- 7 Pets - 269 QP


Current Offer: $2900

Account 2 - 2085 TL - Infernal Cape


Current Offer: $1500

OSRS Account 3 - Max Cape - 2277 TL- 5 Pets - 269 QP

Pets: Kraken, Skotos, Chaos Elemental, Beaver, Chompy

Other: Infernal Max Cape, Full elite void (all helms), Red Slayer Helm, Full graceful

Current Offer: $1650 || Autowin: $3500

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