Illerai - Giving away more than 250m OSRSGP!

Illerai - Giving away more than 250m OSRSGP!


Hey there! You are invited to take part of Illerai - The most unique and innovative game in the history of RSPS! The game has been developed for over two years! Crazy, right? The game will launch on the 25th of May, so make sure you are there with us!

Releasing May 25th, 2019 now!
Countdown on website for exact time!

Illerai has gotten a ton of features, and lots of reasons for you to join! Just take a look at them!

Archaeology - Our own Skill. Explore Dungeons, Chests and discover new landscapes!
New Combat Mechanics - Choose your god, and be empowered with their strength through a brand new rage system!
Reworked Slayer - A massive extension to OSRS Slayer system, including superior, duo tasks and a lot of new unlockables!
New Bosses - Unique mechanics suggested and developed by the OSRS Community themselves! So hard, they'll get you crazy!
Fully Integrated Wikipedia - The largest Wikipedia of all of RSPS! Integrated into the game and website for easy access!
Unique Storyline - Over 10 Quests, Minigames, Hidden Areas and much more dedicated to our own lore!

Join us at to be one of the first players to ever login! Check out #behind-the-scenes for some great media when you join the discord!


Server startSaturday, May-25-2019
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