Lineage 2 ru server La2revive

Lineage 2 ru server La2revive


Lineage2 server - - Interlude+ server with new skills, balance, armors,weapons and all game mehanic! Here u not see old skills, only new. We have 31 new classes. All skills gain in 40 LvL, at 80 u gain ultra skill at 85 passive skills (max lvl 100) after 85 u gain 1 passive for 1 LVL.

New zones 76-80,85+,90+,95+,100+, more then 200 RB, new epics

7 types of New weapons (more then 60 tottal) Poor>Uncommon>Rare>Epic>Legendary>Relict>Grand
7 types of Armor (Poor>Uncommon>Rare>Epic>Legendary>Relict>Grand
12 types of Tattoo (1-12 lvl)
New game mechanic ( all based at character skills, physical must use skills to, it work at special formula (1 skill dmg = 4 basic attacks, 1 ult dmg = 8 basic attacks) All characters balanced and have AoE skills too.

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