How to get Higher position?

About our Ranking system:

Position of a listing is calculated by your secret listing points. More points = Higher position.

How i can get these "secret points"?

First of all i would strongly recommend you to add your backlink to your page (server site, forum, or even in your facebook page!).

BONUS TIP: Put it on visible position if your players clicks on your "backlink" you will also be rewarded with extra points!

Second try your best to be good server or fair seller and try to encourage your players/costumers to leave a comment and rate your services on your listing page it gives you also bonus points!

Server reviews

Every day you are losing some small amount of points but if you have placed our backlink or your listing have good reviews you have nothing to worry about. The reason you lose some small amount of points is that low quality listings and "junk" will be in lower position and eventually get deleted while legit and good active servers/sellers or buyers be in higher position!

The bigger the point, the higher the position of the listing. This doesn't applicable to "Sponsored" listings which always be displayed first.

Your backlink code: <a href="[user_id]">Your Gaming Dude</a>

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