Free Tibia Coins

Free Tibia Coins


Port: 7171

Client: Tibia 12.40

Uptime: 24/7

Hosted in: Canada, on a dedicated server with 500mbits Internet connection.

Website: Latest News - Tibia Mx (

Exp rate: Stages

Loot rate: 3x

Skills rates: 20x.

Magic rates: 7x.

Map: RL Map. It contains all the cities.

Runes: Normal charges and prices

Ammo: Normal and prices, just 1 item infinite to train.

Server type: Pvp-Rpg.

More Features:
Yes I know, it is another tibiat server, at least come and try us.
All quests working.
Addons system (rl tibia)
Reward online system: Every 15 minutes you win 1 tibia coins.
Can get tibia coins by Seiya npc.
And doing tasks.
Full tibia coins store on client.
Isle of npc's

Soon all the accesses unlocked, for now you will have to do them yourself, but don't be lazy, you level up quickly.

For now it is all, I accept advice and suggestions.

For your attention, thank you very much.

Server startSaturday, August-15-2020
Discord server

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Submitted by nefinoo on Aug-18-2020
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