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What is discord used for?
DISCORD program - Is CHAT and voicechat for gaming communities its is an app designed to help players talk to each other in real time without any interruptions for FREE!
Also while playing a game on their device, users can log into Discord and enter a group chat with one or more other gamers so they can talk while they play.
Also Discord have just chat rooms where players shares images and videos. Some rooms have discord bots. Discord Bots are a great way to maximize productivity on one's server; fetching important data, delivering notifications like its gaming time, scheduling clan events, moderating conversations, even play some gaming music and much more!

Discord servers and communities!
Join servers that share your interests, hang out, and make new friends. Even list your own Discord server for free!


My-MS Official Discord Server
My-MS Official Discord Server

Our Official Community Maple story Discord Server!

Website: https://my-ms.info Version: v0.83 Community: Medium Server start: May-10-2019
Anime Soul (WLA)
Anime Soul (WLA)

Anime Discord server | $500+ monthly giveaways and 130,000 members and counting! Join us today!

Community: Large Server start: May-24-2019


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