Asmongold (World of warcraft player) is one of the latest in a line of streamers to suddenly make it big. The most famous of these is Ninja – the Fornite streamer, who’s been on national TV and had celebrities (like Drake fortnite) play with him in matches. The narrative that naturally builds around these people is one that tells us their popularity is stream luck, that it came from nowhere, and while there is an element of good fortune, there’s also a lot of hard graft.
Asmongold has been making wow youtube video content for the internet for years. Before Twitch, he created World of Warcraft videos and guides on two different YouTube channels. “I’d record myself hanging out with my friends,” he says about his first channel from 2008, “and occasionally I’d record myself solo-ing some raid boss in WoW. This wasn’t an endeavour. It was just something that I did.”
So if you enjoy Wow you definitely have to check this dude on live streaming!

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